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Become a Sparklette

Hula Hoop Dance Class

“It is now part of my identity. It makes me so proud, happy, fit, healthy and more confident being in front of people. Personally and professionally its had a major impact.. I honestly don't know if I would have gotten the job I have now if it weren't for joining the Sparklettes as I had a hard time with panicking in interviews, but showing off my bum on the street has really helped!” 

We are always on the lookout for new Sparklettes to join our fabulous group! As an all inclusive community group we welcome Sparklettes from any background, regardless of experience and ability. Many of our Sparklettes have started with us having never picked up a hula hoop. It's what we do - our fun and friendly classes are designed to build skill, confidence and experience to become one of our performing Sparklettes. 

For more information on joining the Sparklettes please use our contact form.

Our Core Values


  • Bringing the fun is number one

The Sparklette’s top priority is to have fun! Fun for our members, and fun for our bookers and audiences!


  • The hoop is our tool, it unites us but does not define us

Whilst we are fundamentally a hula hoop dance troupe, the hula hoop is not the most important thing for us. It’s a large part of what brings us together but there are times that we swap out our hoops for inflatables and just dancing! We also like to develop and provide opportunities for the other interests of our members – face painting, yoga etc. 


  • Creativity, energy and a positive attitude has more fabulosity than hoop skills

We believe that the most fabulous part of The Sparklettes is our positive ‘can do’ attitude and fun energy. Hula hooping is naturally fabulous but our creativity, positivity and energy is the most fabulous!


  • Without togetherness, we don’t sparkle

Think of the Sparklettes as a big sparkly family! We work together, spend large amounts of time together, and look out for each other. We grew from the community, we ARE a community, and without community we wouldn’t Sparkle.

The Sparklettes is a registered Community Interest Company, and as such the voice of our ‘community’ is of upmost importance to us. By becoming a member of The Sparklettes you will not only be supporting our work, having an active say in how the company is managed through general meetings and our AGM, but you will also receive a range of member benefits.

For more information on company membership please click here!

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